Life in Rhymes
Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cape

There's this show on TV that's called The Cape,
It's not terrible, but it's also not great.
I've seen a few episodes and the effects are poor.
While the story is okay I'm looking for more.

The hero is whiney and his motivation weak.
We've seen it before, so it could use a tweak.
The supporting cast is passable, if not cliche.
While the badguys are awful and a little passe.

The cape itself is an odd "power" to be had.
It's original, yes, so it's not too bad.
He can swing and dodge and even disappear,
While it's not really magic, what it is isn't clear.

So why do I watch this mediocre show?
An answer to that, I just don't know.
It has some potential so I'll keep with it for now.
But if this season doesn't pickup I'll throw in the towel.