Life in Rhymes
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3DS Versus NGP

Soon we enter a next generation portable gaming war.
We've had it with home consoles, but with handheld gaming, never before.
Nintendo won last time, for those keeping score,
With two screens and a cheaper price, the DS sold way more.

But with a new generation comes a new battle to be fought,
With the 3DS launching first and taking the first shot.
Sony will counter but can Nintendo's momentum be caught?
It all depends on lessens the current generation has taught.

Features are great and graphics are cool,
But a low price is what makes consumers drool.
The one with the most value is the one that will rule
So price may be what makes one take the other to school.

Of course we don't know the price of the NGP
We don't even know what it's real name will be.
It will definitely be fast, powerful, and pretty,
But for everything else we'll just have to wait and see.

So will the rematch end up like before?
With Nintendo the victor and Sony shown the door?
Or is it Sony's time to be the one to soar?
Or does anybody care about either anymore?