Life in Rhymes
Monday, February 14, 2011

Life in Rhymes Launches

What better day to launch a website dedicated to poetry than Valentine's Day?  With that, let me welcome you to Life in Rhymes, a new blog for poems about all aspects of life.  I'll have poems about love, loss, and all that typical "old-school" stuff, but I'll also have poems covering current events, politics, entertainment, and much more.  This means one day you may see a funny poem about your favorite television show and then the next day a somber poem about the economy.

All poetry you'll see here will be 100% written by me, and as such, you'll have a direct line to the man behind the scenes here.  By leaving comments or submitting something via the contact form, you can send me your critiques and suggestions about the site or about the poems you see here. You can even offer up some requests of topics you'd like to see a poem written about in the future.

But enough with all the introductions.  Because it's Valentine's Day, I'd like to offer up my first poem which I dedicate to my beautiful wife Even When.


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